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Courier Packaging Made Easy

If you are a small or large business, or even just someone who doesn’t have time to make trips out to send parcels so would prefer to use couriers, it can be a difficult task understanding all the size and weight guidelines. No matter where the destination of your parcelRead More

How to be a ‘Box Clever’ Business

The current pandemic has not only had a collateral effect on the world, but also the access to cardboard boxes. Over the Christmas period, there was a significant increase in ordering online, which caused countless businesses to struggle with gaining access to cardboard. This unlikely turn of events has meantRead More

Choosing The Right Packaging For Your Glass Bottles

  Packaging glass bottles safely and effectively can be a nightmare for many businesses, especially during the Christmas period when supermarkets are stocking up and people are buying more of them as gifts. Glass bottles, if not packaged properly, can be prone to breaking, resulting in a loss of revenue,Read More

Make Your Packaging Design Stand Out

  Sometimes the choices available can be overwhelming for customers which can make it hard for your products to stand out. One way in which you can increase the chances of this though is by using your packaging. In a physical store it can make your products stand out fromRead More

Which Strapping Should You Use?

Strapping can be used to bundle items together into packs to make it easier to store, handle and dispatch them, secure packages such as boxes to give them extra strength, or keep items attached to pallets. Before choosing your strapping, you should ask yourself some questions to help you chooseRead More