Large Cardboard Boxes

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The Top Ten Shipping Pitfalls

Shipping Boxes

Packing something up to send to someone else should be pretty straightforward. After all, it’s not rocket science, is it? Except, of course, things can and do go wrong, and far too frequently. And when it does go wrong, it can be expensive, time consuming, irritating, inconvenient, occasionally even embarrassingRead More

A new concept in cardboard boxes!

We’re constantly fighting the notion that brown cardboard boxes are mundane items unworthy of consideration and innovation. Mainly that’s because we’re daily talking to businesses and entrepreneurs around the country who need their packaging supplies to fulfil a function unique to their product or idea, and want our help inRead More

The largest cardboard box in the world!

On 3 September 2009, ION Television from New York built a huge cardboard box in Times Square to mark the premiere of their new murder mystery series, Durham County. The finished item, which measured 12.88 x 4.85 x 2.45 metres is officially the biggest ever cardboard box and was roughlyRead More