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Seven Great Ways to Package Your Breakables

In the digital marketplace, you have the opportunity to reach out and sell to anyone in the world in possession of a computer, tablet or smartphone and an internet connection. Getting anything delivered to anyone in the world is another matter entirely, however, and if your product is something fragileRead More

101 Uses for Bubble Wrap: No 1 – Popping it

Okay, a lot of uses involve popping it in one way or another, but this is popping it for no other reason than because it’s there. No need for stress relief (we’ll come to that another time), just the sheer unadulterated pleasure of pushing on a bubble, feeling the tensionRead More

101 Uses for Bubble Wrap: No 48 – Keep the kids entertained

If you’ve got some spare bubble wrap and a bored child, then the condition of both can be changed in an instant. There’s a whole world of crafty ideas out there on the internet; so many, in fact, that I could probably do a ‘101 ways of keeping a childRead More

101 Uses for Bubble Wrap: No 36 – Wrap yourself up in it and jump out of a sixth story window

Okay, we don’t actually recommend this, but somebody (who also doesn’t recommend it) has calculated that you’d need 39 sheets of bubble wrap to survive the experience. It may be total baloney and we got lost pretty quickly, but there are a lot of equations and graphs and it allRead More

101 Uses for Bubble Wrap No 19: Make a Calendar

We’ve probably all either bought or received one of those tear-off desk-top calendars for Christmas. You know the ones I mean – there’s a page for each day with a cartoon (which isn’t very funny) or some words of wisdom (which aren’t very wise). It’s the sort of thing youRead More