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The Davpack Christmas Sale – There’s More!

Clearance Sale

About a month ago, we launched our latest big sale, with savings of up to 40% on some of our most popular and biggest selling packaging products. It’s proved incredibly popular and is turning out to be a real money saver for many of you as you stock up readyRead More

Too Many Boxes, Not Enough Time?

When you spend any amount of time working in the Sales office at Davpack, you quickly find that the most common question you’re asked is something along the lines of: Do you have any cardboard boxes measuring this long by this wide by this high? Now, all of our boxesRead More

Great Moments in Packaging No 2: Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

great moments in packaging

Do some research into the history of cardboard boxes on the internet and you will find regular mention of one Sir Malcolm Thornhill, who is frequently cited as having made the first commercial cardboard box in 1817. Dig a little deeper, however, and you’ll find people who doubt his veryRead More

Don’t take chances with cheap cardboard boxes!

Most things that sound too good to be true usually are, and that applies to cheap cardboard boxes just like anything else. To put it another way – just because something’s cheap, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s worth buying! Cardboard boxes come in many shapes, sizes and board grades,Read More