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Creative With Cardboard: From Mahatma Gandhi to Iron Man


While we at Davpack make everyday but effective things out of corrugated cardboard, such as postal boxes, postal tubes and double and single wall boxes, there are others out there using the exact same material to create sometimes stunning and sometimes odd, but always imaginative pieces of art. Let’s kickRead More

Creative With Cardboard: Cardboard cities

great moments in packaging

We could do a whole series about what British artist Chris Gilmour is able to achieve with cardboard boxes. His website shows cars, wheelchairs, typewriters, microscopes, dentist chairs and statues of Queen Victoria, all lovingly and stunningly constructed out of what many people consign to the recycling bin without aRead More

Great Moments in Packaging No 2: Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

great moments in packaging

Do some research into the history of cardboard boxes on the internet and you will find regular mention of one Sir Malcolm Thornhill, who is frequently cited as having made the first commercial cardboard box in 1817. Dig a little deeper, however, and you’ll find people who doubt his veryRead More