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How To Safely Package Fragile Items

package fragile items

Pretty much everything can now be bought online, and for the consumer that usually makes life both easier and cheaper. Okay, there’s not the satisfaction of being able to use/wear/play with your new purchase immediately, but that’s easily replaced by the tingle of expectation and the rush of delight whenRead More

Seven Great Ways to Package Your Breakables

In the digital marketplace, you have the opportunity to reach out and sell to anyone in the world in possession of a computer, tablet or smartphone and an internet connection. Getting anything delivered to anyone in the world is another matter entirely, however, and if your product is something fragileRead More

Filling the Void

Void Fill

Even with access to cost effective custom cardboard boxes, it’s very rare for suppliers sending out multiple products to have the right box every time and not require some kind of void fill. Void fill, of course, has two functions: to stop the contents of a box rattling around inRead More

Great Moments in Packaging: No 7 – Kraft paper

As well as having one of the finest rhyming names in packaging history, Carl Dahl (oh, what fun his school friends must have had!) stands out as one of the giants in our field. For in 1879, Carl F Dahl (as he is more commonly, but less amusingly referred to)Read More

A complete and utter history of loose fill packaging. Part One.

void fill packaging

There was a lot of interesting stuff going on in late 1962. There was the Cuban Missile Crisis, of course, and the start of a ‘big freeze’ that would leave Britain covered in snow and without a frost-free night until March. November, meanwhile, witnessed the first mention in the mediaRead More