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5 Reasons to get Polythene Bags from Davpack!

polythene bags

Polythene bags are one of the most popular and practical packaging products around. You can find them used everywhere (even by packaging supply companies themselves!), and everyone from supermarkets to ebay sells. So why should you get your polybags from Davpack?   1 More in-stock choice means rapid supply! DavpackRead More

A moment, please, for foam lined boxes and clear polythene bags

Foam Boxes

Amidst the excitement of all the new products we added to our range earlier in the year, there’s a couple that have probably been a bit overlooked. Partly that’s because we were so thrilled about our new air cushion packaging and paper void fill systems, not to mention the wholeRead More

From natural gas to polythene bags

Those of you who have both been following this blog closely and have a long memory will recall that in my Great Moments article about the discovery of polythene, I described its chemical make-up as “essentially a whole bunch of ethylene molecules stuck together in a chain”. I have sinceRead More

Great Moments in Packaging No 1: Polythene

Polythene has more uses in modern day packaging than almost any other product, some of the most popular being in bubble wrap, layflat tubing and the much maligned polythene bag. As with so many great ideas, the discovery of polythene was an accident. Actually, let’s rephrase that: the discovery ofRead More

More fantastic plastic facts

I’ve previously talked about the thickness of plastic, how it’s measured in microns and how thick a micron actually is. For those of you with short memories, or who are too busy to go hunting for the article in question (which, to save you the trouble, is here), a micronRead More