Packing Peanuts

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A complete and utter history of loose fill packaging. Part One.

void fill packaging

There was a lot of interesting stuff going on in late 1962. There was the Cuban Missile Crisis, of course, and the start of a ‘big freeze’ that would leave Britain covered in snow and without a frost-free night until March. November, meanwhile, witnessed the first mention in the mediaRead More

A complete and utter history of loose fill packaging. Prologue.

history of loose fill packaging

Just because there were no packing peanuts before 1962, it doesn’t mean that up till then people just dropped things loosely into their cardboard boxes and cartons and hoped for the best. All manner of things were employed in an attempt to stop things getting broken; in fact, anything thatRead More

Touching the void

Void fill is one of our biggest selling items. And one of our biggest. If we’re delivering to a local customer – in Derby, Nottingam or Mansfield, for example – that’s not a problem. We can throw it into one of our own vans and run it over ourselves. ButRead More