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Sending books abroad

In this world of internet shopping, shipping books around the world is big business. However, sending books by mail isn’t straightforward; they may not be breakable as such, but they can very easily be damaged. Your book may well pass through many hands on its journey, and the people whoRead More

Punk publishing

My colleague Rick Stanford speculated recently on whether we were entering the final days of the paper-and-covers book, as the use of kindles and ereaders becomes more and more part of our daily lives. I agree with many of Rick’s conclusions, but I think there’s one area of the subjectRead More

All Things Book Packaging

moving house book packaging

I’ve measured it from side to side: ‘Tis three feet long, and two feet wide. The Thorn, William Wordsworth Wordsworth later realised that the above lines about a muddy pond may not have been his finest poetic moment and wisely changed them. However, what he had at least understood wasRead More

A (very) short history of mail order

Shopping from the comfort of your own home still feels like a new thing. Which is bizarre when you think that the first mail order catalogue, selling scientific and academic books, was reputedly produced by Benjamin Franklin in 1744. The real pioneer in the field, however, was Aaron Montgomery Ward.Read More

Book Wrap: Are books going the way of the dinosaurs?

How many times have you heard people complain that modern technology is turning us into a nation of illiterates? When texting first became popular, some saw the use of messages like ‘c u l8r m8 lol’ as representing at the very least the death of the English language and atRead More