Packaging Presentation Matters

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A product’s packaging is one of the most visually and physically important points of contact a customer will have with a business. Studies have shown that product packaging can influence a customer’s decision when choosing which products to purchase. If done right, well-presented packaging can be used as an effective marketing tool to help gain new customers and retain them in the future.

Presentation Basics

Packaging presentation can have a direct impact on a customer’s perception of your product. If you put your products in poor quality packaging that’s thrown together and messy, customers are likely to think the product inside is also low quality and vice versa. Use good quality boxes (or postal bags etc) that are a good fit for your product, wrap them neatly with your protective packaging of choice and seal them neatly with packing tape. Alternatively, boxes with locking tabs and self-sealing strips can be a great way to neaten up your boxes.

Packaging presentation - presentation basics

Custom printed packaging and coloured packaging

The majority of off the shelf packaging is sold in brown or white options, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only options. With custom printed and branded packaging now more common than ever, it’s important that you make sure your packages are memorable and stand out against competitors. A great way of doing this is to print your logos, branding and designs on your packages and boxes. This can help increase your brand awareness as well as the overall aesthetics of your packages that are going out to your customers. Colour can be a great way to make your parcels more vivid and eye-catching but even a simple black ink print can improve the overall look of your packaging. Cardboard Boxes aren’t the only thing that you can have printed. There are also options to custom print tape, mailing bags, carrier bags as well as other forms of packaging. Make sure though that what you’re printing on your packaging is clear and doesn’t bombard the customer with too much information.

If you’re not looking to custom print any packaging, you could also try using different coloured packaging than the standard brown and white options. With smaller packaging such as retail and postal packaging, there is often more availability for different colours, helping to improve your packaging presentation and stand out from competitors.


Kraft paper is an excellent material for protecting products in transit such as when it’s used as loose fill material. However, for a lot of businesses wanting a more rustic feel to their packaging it’s also great to use for tape, mailing bags, or simply to wrap parcels in to create more of a rustic feel to your parcels.

Upgrade your packaging

It’s not essential to print on your packaging, but you should ensure that you are using good quality packaging that is able to withstand the delivery process. If you find that many of your packages are becoming damaged in transit, consider upgrading to the next strength, such as from single wall to double wall. This can help reduce parcel damage and can ultimately improve the perception of your packaging and company. As well as the strength of the packaging you use, some forms of packaging such as boxes with locking tabs and self-sealing adhesive strips can improve your overall packaging presentation by getting rid of the need for packing tape, giving you a neat and tidy parcel.

Interior Packaging

The exterior of your packages isn’t the only thing that needs to look good. Much of the unboxing experience comes from the presentation of the interior of your boxes and this an excellent opportunity to wow your customers and improve your packaging presentation. Good choices to improve the inside of boring packages are tissue paper, coloured shredded tissue paper and wood wool. As well as improving the look of your packages these items will double as protective packaging (especially shredded tissue paper and wood wool).

Packaging presentation - Interior packaging

Avoid excessive packaging material

With environment friendliness becoming an ever more prevalent topic, it’s important not to use excessive packaging. Make sure that your packaging is not too big for the product and that you aren’t using protective packaging for items that don’t really need it. Your packaging will look neater and you will also save money from possibly posting a smaller package as well as needing to spend less money on packaging supplies.

By paying attention to your current packaging needs, you can find that your customers will often market your goods for you, with positive reviews, unboxing social posts and positive word of mouth! Next time you’re placing your packaging order, consider a few new options available from your packaging supplier to see how you can improve your packaging presentation.


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