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Is your business using packaging that represents your brand effectively?

In this article we look at cost effective ways a growing business can make the best use of their packaging choices.

For most small to medium sized businesses, choosing the right packaging can be confusing and over technical, but with all different shapes and sizes now available in the market from stock, smaller quantities can be trialled without the need for a large custom order. With this article we look at cost effective ways a growing business can make the best use of their packaging choices.

Add some colour to your current packaging line

Many postal packaging options can be off the shelf products stocked in simple brown or white. However, for a business posting a range of exciting products, printing on the transit packaging can be a great way of making parcels stand out from the crowd. This can often seem like a costly expense for a small business, but it doesn’t have to be! Depending on your requirements, custom corrugated boxes can be produced quantities in as small as a pack of 50, whilst printing on solid board rather than corrugated can offer a greater colour printing flexibility.

Offering the same protection as the standard gold and white ranges, coloured jiffy bags, postal tubes and polythene mailing bags are all effective postal packaging options that are available in embossed, metallic or a gloss finish. By adding some colour to your current packaging process this can really make a difference to the way a customer views your brand as they receive your products.

With this simple change, mail order and subscription based products or market channel sellers can really impress customers by adding some colour to their current packaging process.

Try custom printed Kraft

Kraft paper is often an excellent source of protection for products in transit. By printing your company logo onto Kraft paper, the packaging material becomes dual purpose; to protect your goods whilst portraying your brand identity.  A perfect option for businesses currently using Kraft paper for gift wrapping. Consider the benefits custom printed Kraft paper will have on your overall parcel presentation!

Upgrade your packaging where possible

Showcasing your brand message does not have to include pasting your company info all over packaging, after-all the way in which an online purchase arrives displays not only the thought process but also the perceived value an organisation places on the product.

With an array of variations in board quality available, businesses cannot afford to disappoint customers with poor quality packages and so a business can easily improve their customers unboxing experience by upgrading the quality of board currently being used to dispatch their products – the stronger the cardboard the more durable the parcel and the greater the product protection.

Using a box that is not only fit for purpose but perfect for its content can improve the way a product is received. For independent shops and small businesses with limited storage space, buying packaging in smaller quantities can easily eradicate the need to stock a one size fits all packaging option.

Avoid excessive packaging material

Asides a reliable courier, there are other practical and cost effective ways of protecting your goods sufficiently from the point of dispatch. Thanks to new innovations within the protective packaging industry new solutions have become more affordable and easily adaptable to businesses of any size. With the increasing pressure on companies to incorporate economic packaging into their processing, it would benefit growing businesses to introduce both innovative and environmentally friendly protective packaging solutions now rather than later, also helping to make the most use out of your storage footprint.

With the help of products like Fill Air Flow designed specifically for the small business, growing businesses need not store bulky protective solutions. In fact with the help of the on-demand air cushion systems in built hand sensor feature, the machine will produce only the required number of bags needed to package a parcel, saving on waste and in turn streamlining the packaging process and creating a less frustrating unboxing experience for the customer.

Reusable packaging

One of the most underestimated forms of cost effective presentation is reusable packaging. Designed with the end user in mind, dispatch boxes with returns closures have a tear and adhesive strip to enable customers to return unwanted items in the same package it came in, preserving the product from any further damage and protecting the integrity of the product during transit. Following the same principle as return labels, reusable packaging keeps the customers online shopping experience in mind even after delivery.

Suspension and retention features are perfect for shipping multiple pre-packaged items, while inflatable air cushion systems are an ideal solution for businesses that are pressed for space, the reusability value helps growing businesses maintain a healthy carbon footprint and preserve the integrity of a product should it require the product to be returned to base.

For more luxury gift products, reversible packaging is another form of reusable packaging that reduces the need for a customer to order separate gift boxes or wrapping paper. With this, the customer can reuse the reverse side of the packaging, revealing the printed design on the inside and then resealing it before sending it out.

By paying attention to your current packaging needs, you can find that your customers will often market your goods for you, with positive reviews, unboxing social posts and positive word of mouth! Next time your placing your packaging order, consider a few new options available from your packaging supplier to see how you can make the most out of your packaging solutions in a cost effect way.

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