Optimising Your E-Commerce Packaging

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With businesses increasingly taking place online and becoming more globalised, it’s no surprise that the demand for good quality postal packaging is on the rise. Improving your e-commerce packaging can increase your efficiency, save you money, time, increase your brand awareness and improve the experience for your customers.

Boxes with Locking Tabs

With popular FEFCO styles such as 0201, most cardboard boxes, you tape the base, fill it up and tape it closed. With our range of postal boxes, there is a huge choice of products where you don’t need to do any of that! By opting to use boxes with locking tabs you can save your busy packing department a lot of time and hassle compared to using more traditional methods to construct your boxes. The more time you save the more orders you can get out the door and on their way to your customers. As well as saving you time, they help to improve the overall look of your packaging as the panels tuck in neatly into each other to form the structure.

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Peel and Seal Strips

Using peel and seal postal boxes is a quick and efficient way for you to save time in your packing department. Just like locking tabs, using postal boxes with peel and seal strips creates a neat and tidy parcel to deliver to your customer. On top of that, you may save money from having less of a need to purchase packing tape.

Tear Strips

When your customers get their package delivered to them the first thing they’re going to want to do is open it up. To improve your e-commerce packaging and the experience that it will deliver to your customers, consider using boxes with built-in tear strips. This will make it easy for your customers to open their parcels and reduce the hassle and frustration when trying to get into them (it can also be quite satisfying).

Return Boxes

In an ideal world, a customer would order a product from a business, receive it and be completely satisfied with it 100% of the time. Unfortunately, in the real world, every e-commerce business will have to deal with returned items at some point in time. Our ColomPac Dispatch Boxes are the perfect choice for any e-commerce business wanting to take the hassle out of the process for their customers. Once opened these postal boxes can be used again if needed to return items with a self-sealing strip. By making it easy for your customers to send items back if needed, you can potentially transform a negative customer experience into a good one.

Tailor your packaging to your products

Making sure that your boxes are a good fit for your products will help you to save money by minimizing the amounts of loose fill your packages need as well as being cheaper due to the size. Getting the size of your packaging right will also reduce the chances of your products being crushed and bursting due to all the empty space inside.

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Branded Packaging

Unlike purchasing a product in a store, e-commerce customers won’t see your branded packaging for their products until they’ve already purchased it and received a parcel. But even still, it is an effective tool for gaining return customers by making yourself memorable and standing out from competitors the next time around. For more information on custom/custom printed postal packaging give us a call on 01332 821200.

By analysing your current systems, processes and performance you can start to make some of these changes to get the most out of your e-commerce packaging, potentially saving you time, money and gaining customer loyalty.


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