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As a start-up you will likely face many challenges and choosing your packaging for your first products will probably be one of them. There are several factors you need to be aware of such as budget, marketing value and storage space. Although it might seem a lot to think about purely for packaging, getting it right can have big positive impacts for your business, from making each order more profitable, to increasing your brand awareness and customer satisfaction.

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Keep packaging prices low

This is arguably the most important packaging tip for start-ups to consider (provided the packaging is functional) and many of the topics discussed later in this article will link back to cost. In general, most start-ups are understandably cost conscious and packaging is no exception to this. Although the fanciest, most attractive packaging might be tempting, realistically it’s going to cost more and make each order less profitable. On the other hand, using the cheapest packaging might seem like a great way to maximise your profits, but it also might lead to more damaged products if the packaging doesn’t offer adequate protection. If your customer receives a damaged parcel, it could have a negative reflection on your company and brand image. Try and find the balance between packaging that looks good and offers the right amount of protection, while still having a low cost per unit. A great option for this is our econoRANGE, offering all the quality packaging essentials at an affordable price.

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Tailor your packaging to your products

Another of our packaging tips to consider when choosing your packaging is to make sure that the packaging you choose is adapted to your product and target audience. Will you be selling as an online retailer or through a high street store? If you’re operating as an online store you will also need to take into account, the outer packaging and any protective materials you may need for added protection whilst in transit. As well as the channel you are selling through, you need to choose your packaging based on your product range, as clothing for example, will obviously require different packaging to ceramic products. It’s important that you give products adequate protective packaging to ensure that they aren’t damaged in transit. On the other hand, don’t go overboard and start adding excessive protection to products that aren’t particularly fragile or prone to damage as it will increase your costs and likely frustrate your customers with excess waste they then have to dispose of.

Customise your packaging

Good packaging not only serves to protect your products but can also help make your brand stand out amongst others, connect with your customer’s emotions and say something about its contents. Create a brand and make sure that your packaging reflects your style, values and identity, it’s important to make sure your packaging stands out and that you create a consistent brand image.

A great way to do this is by customising your packaging. Although custom printed boxes look great, they’re probably going to be too much for a start-up that doesn’t have enough space or orders to justify ordering 1000 boxes (the usual minimum order quantity).

But there are still other ways that you can create customised packaging at an affordable price. If you want to add some personalisation to your packaging on a limited budget, try out Paper Tags where you can write on a message or add a stamped design. Alternatively, you could try our Printer Labels which you can print your own design on yourself with just a standard printer. By creating affordable customised packaging from the start, you will be making use of your packaging as a marketing tool which will help to stand out from your competition and become more memorable for your customers. If you’re selling your products in store, we also supply a range of custom carrier bags. For more information about customised packaging as you grow, read our blog here.

Buy your packaging on demand

Another factor to consider when choosing your packaging as a start-up is how you will purchase it. Buying in bulk will save on costs but will require a lot of storage space and a higher up-front cost that you may not be able to afford just yet. However, with the majority of products, you can still get some discount without having to go overboard. Just make sure to find a balance that works for the number of sales you are making. Buying your packaging as you require it will give you more flexibility for fluctuations in demand for your products and will also allow you to test out different types of packaging to see their potential benefits and drawbacks. Once you start to get more orders in and you’ve found packaging that suits your products you can start to order in bulk and get the best prices possible, making every order more profitable.


There can be a lot to think about for a new start-up business and packaging isn’t always the main concern, it’s important not to overlook your packaging as it can play a fundamental role in your customers experience with your business. By keeping in mind these four key packaging tips you will be able to create great packaging that works for you and your products, by protecting your products, keeping prices low and reinforcing your brand to drive more sales.

If you’d like more information or advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, or browse our full range of packaging supplies.

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