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Cardboard Produce Trays

~ Easy to carry and stackable cardboard trays ~ Designed to transport a range of different fresh produce ~ Available for quick delivery


These cardboard produce trays are versatile and well suited to storing and transporting items such as vegetables, fruit and flowers. The wide-open bases leave plenty of room to quickly and easily fill them up without having to keep moving cardboard flaps out the way. Once they’ve arrived at their location, they can simply be put on the shelves with their contents already accessible.


Made from one piece of die-cut corrugated board, these trays fold and lock into shape adding extra layers and protection to each side without the need of packing tape. The sides come with carrying handles, making them easy to pick up and move when needed. Each tray has locking tabs that allow them to slot together when they are stacked vertically offering more stability.

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From only £8.73 / pack 10
AVB05 £14.96 Inc VAT


  • Keeps your produce safe from damage
  • Stable when stacked
  • Available for next day delivery  
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Int L x W x H (mm)
580 x 370 x 140
Single Wall
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Please note this product has been manufactured under Basic Hygiene. “Primary packaging not in direct contact with food or other hygiene-sensitive products; packaging for consumer products; and the secondary and tertiary packaging for all uses”


  • Manufactured under Basic Hygiene
  • Perfect for fresh produce such as fruit and veg
  • Fold and lock into place – no need for tape
  • Folded structure adds extra layers to the sides for more protection
  • Slot together for stability when stacked
  • Made from high quality sturdy corrugated cardboard
  • Supplied flat and banded in packs of 10
  • Wide base allows plenty of space for items
  • Fully bio-degradable, recyclable
  • Made from partially recycled materials
  • Available from stock

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