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Refuse & Recycling

When all you need to do is get rid of a load of old rubbish

Disposing of rubbish, and recycling your waste is the name of the game here, with a wide range of waste and recycling bins, refuse sacks and bin liners available for rapid delivery and at wholesale prices. Whether you need a smart stainless steel pedal bin for the home or office, wheelie bins in a variety of sizes and colours, somewhere for the smokers in your company to leave their finished cigarettes, or a complete recycling solution, you can find the perfect solution here. We also have bin bags and liners for all bin sizes from standard domestic bins and wheelie bins to heavy duty sacks for the weightiest weight disposal.

  1. Racksack Waste Recycling Bags

    Racksack Waste Recycling Bags

    42 Choices Available
  2. Clear Racksack Waste Recycling Bags

    Clear Racksack Waste Recycling Bags

    18 Choices Available
  3. Trolley Recycling Sacks

    Trolley Recycling Sacks

    6 Choices Available
  4. Roll Cage Recycling Sacks

    Roll Cage Recycling Sacks

    3 Choices Available
  5. 1 Tonne Bulk Bags

    1 Tonne Bulk Bags

    1 Size In Stock
  6. Office Recycling Bins

    Office Recycling Bins

    1 Size In Stock
  7. Sack Holder - Mobile

    Sack Holder - Mobile

    1 Choice Available
  8. Refuse Sack Holder – Semi Mobile/Freestanding

    Refuse Sack Holder – Semi Mobile/Freestanding

    3 Choices Available
  9. Addis Roll Top Bins

    Addis Roll Top Bins

    2 Choices Available
  10. Addis Smart Bins

    Addis Smart Bins

    2 Choices Available
  11. Plastic Swing Top Bins

    Plastic Swing Top Bins

    5 Choices Available
  12. Colour Coded Pedal Bins

    Colour Coded Pedal Bins

    4 Choices Available
  13. Plastic Step-On Bins

    Plastic Step-On Bins

    5 Choices Available
  14. 12 Litre Pedal Bin

    12 Litre Pedal Bin

    Smart & Practical
  15. Waste Separation Bins

    Waste Separation Bins

    Neat & Tidy!
  16. Big Bin & Green Bin

    Big Bin & Green Bin

    4 Choices Available
  17. Value Recycling Bins

    Value Recycling Bins

    8 Choices Available
  18. Slim Jim Recycling Bins

    Slim Jim Recycling Bins

    View Range
  19. Refuse Sacks - Black

    Refuse Sacks - Black

    6 Choices Available
  20. Refuse Sacks - Coloured

    Refuse Sacks - Coloured

    5 Choices Available
  21. Wheelie Bin Liners

    Wheelie Bin Liners

    Eliminate Mess
  22. Outdoor Litter Bins

    Outdoor Litter Bins

    View Product
  23. Wheelie Bins

    Wheelie Bins

    24 Choices Available
  24. Cigarette Bins

    Cigarette Bins

    3 Choices Available
  25. Safewrap Shredder Bags

    Safewrap Shredder Bags

    4 Choices Available

The proper disposal and recycling of business and commercial waste is, of course, now a legal requirement for any company. Make sure you have the means to recycle what you can and safely dispose of the rest by checking out our impressive selection, where you’re sure to find a solution that’s right for your business. All these items can be delivered straight to your door, with free carriage on any order totalling £150 ex VAT and over, and you can even kit out your complete premises and save with our quantity discounts into the bargain. Plus with all our bins available as single units, you don’t have to buy many to start taking advantage!