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Recyclable Tape & Twine

Choose from our range of paper tapes & sisal twine for a greener, 100% recyclable packaging option to seal your parcels

A choice of excellent alternatives to traditional packing tapes; these self-adhesive kraft tapes and gummed paper tapes offer excellent adhesion whilst considering the environmental footprint. Quick and easy to recycle with the box itself, these tape options are a more eco-responsible choice for your business. You will also find 100% recyclable sisal packaging twine, perfect for wrapping, bundling and securing applications.

  1. Self-Adhesive Kraft Tape

    Self-Adhesive Kraft Tape

    5 Choices Available
  2. Standard Gummed Paper Tape

    Standard Gummed Paper Tape

    24 Options In Stock
  3. Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape

    Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape

    7 Sizes In Stock
  4. Sisal Packaging Twine

    Sisal Packaging Twine

    1 Size In Stock

We are constantly reviewing both the eco-packaging choices we offer, as well as other areas of the business where we can become more eco-responsible. If you have any handy tips to help us on our way, we would be very grateful if you could please get in touch at!