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Floor & Hazard Tape

Work safely, mark hazards and highlight emergency equipment and escapes

Davpack tape isn't just for packaging and sealing cardboard boxes! We’re also major stockists of all kinds of barrier, anti slip, floor marking and hazard tape. With many of the more popular lines kept in stock and available for immediate dispatch, we can usually deliver to you on the working day after we receive your order. We check our prices regularly to make sure we’re offering you the best deals every time, which includes generous quantity discounts of up to 20% on your larger orders.

  1. Floor Marking Tape

    Floor Marking Tape

    10 Options In Stock
  2. Anti Slip Tape

    Anti Slip Tape

    16 Choices In Stock
  3. High Visibility Floor Signs

    High Visibility Floor Signs

    22 Choices Available
  4. Warehouse Floor Markers

    Warehouse Floor Markers

    5 Choices In Stock
  5. Anti Slip Feet

    Anti Slip Feet

    4 Options In Stock
  6. Anti Slip Treads

    Anti Slip Treads

    3 Choices In Stock
  7. Floor Markers for Social Distancing

    Floor Markers for Social Distancing

    9 Choices Available

You'll find products with a wide variety of applications for industrial, commercial and public organisations. When you need to mark out hazardous and restricted areas in the factory, warehouse or even outdoors, our barrier and hazard tape is not easily missed. We also have a range of floor marking signs designed to highlight pallet areas, walkways and forklift truck routes. Our health and safety warning signs for the floor are large, bright and provide clear messages of potential hazards in the workplace. For extra safety in areas liable to get wet or where slipping is likely, anti slip tapes and treads will ensure your employees and customers stay on their feet. Or, for indicating storage areas in the warehouse or lanes in a sports hall, our floor marking tape is clear, strong and durable.