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Deluxe-four-way-pallet-truck Deluxe-four-way-pallet-truck Deluxe-four-way-pallet-truck Deluxe-four-way-pallet-truck Deluxe-four-way-pallet-truck Deluxe-four-way-pallet-truck

Deluxe Four-Way Pallet Truck

Revolutionise efficiency with Davpack’s quick lift four-way pallet truck.


Experience unparalleled versatility in material handling with Davpack’s Deluxe Four-Way Pallet Truck. Functioning as a traditional pallet truck with added innovations, this tool is designed to elevate your warehouse operations. This quick lift pallet truck offers a multifaceted approach to your workplace challenges, helping you redefine the way you approach your warehouse tasks.

  • Quick lift efficiency
  • Rapid max height
  • Versatile handling with side-to-side crabbing design
  • Extra-long load capability
  • Normal Load: up to 3000kg SWL
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  • Quick lift efficiency
  • Extra-long load capability
  • Rubber coated ergonomic handles
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Innovative Side-to-Side Crabbing Design

Effortlessly manoeuvring through confined spaces has never been more streamlined thanks to the ingenious side-to-side crabbing design on our Deluxe Four-Way Pallet Truck at Davpack. This innovation redefines operational flexibility, empowering users to navigate with ease through narrow aisles where the traditional pallet truck might face challenges. The unique crabbing functionality allows for fluid lateral movement, enabling swift and precise turns in confined spaces without compromising stability or load integrity.

Effortless Lifting with Quick Lift Function

Experience a significant boost in operational efficiency with the quick lift function of our innovative pallet truck. This aspect is engineered to streamline your workflow by demanding fewer pump strokes to elevate heavy loads, reducing the time and effort traditionally associated with lifting operations. Achieve maximum height with just five swift pump strokes when handling substantial loads of up to 500kg.

Versatile and Reliable for Diverse Loads

Adaptable to both normal and four-way loads, this quick lift pallet truck boasts a 3000kg SWL* for standard loads and a 1500kg SWL for four-way loads. It’s four-way directional movement and compatibility with EURO pallets make it a versatile solution for various material handling tasks. Trust in the durability and performance of Davpack’s Deluxe Four-Way Pallet Truck, backed by a 1-year warranty. Elevate your material handling capabilities with a pallet truck that combines cutting-edge design with the reliability you can depend on.

  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Rubber coated ergonomic handles
  • Quiet operation with silent roll rubber wheels
  • Four-way load handling to accommodate various materials
  • 1-year warranty assurance

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