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The same quality service on our office supplies as you’ve come to expect from our packaging

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While you’re stocking up on the best value packaging materials in the UK, why not also take advantage of our ever expanding range of office & stationery supplies? We’ve got those everyday essentials every busy office needs – whether for writing, copying, printing, filing, storing, organising, tidying, attaching or cutting – and all at prices you’ll struggle to match elsewhere and delivered to your door quicker than you might expect.

All our office and stationery supplies can be packed and dispatched to you within 24 hours of us getting your order, so you need never wait or run out. And by combining them with your packaging order, you could also save on extra delivery charges. Or, if your packaging adds up to just a few pounds short of our ‘free delivery’ total of £150, you could throw in some small items such as pens, paper clips or post-it notes and then you can save on your postage as well!

  1. Office Paper & Address Labels

    Office Paper & Address Labels

    23 Variations View Range
  2. Office Envelopes

    Office Envelopes

    10 Variations View Range
  3. Printers, Labels and Ink

    Printers, Labels and Ink

    9 Variations View Range
  4. Home Office Supplies

    Home Office Supplies

    12 Variations View Range
  5. Books & Pads

    Books & Pads

    12 Variations View Range
  6. Office Storage Boxes

    Office Storage Boxes

    15 Variations View Range
  7. Repositionable Sticky Notes

    Repositionable Sticky Notes

    5 Variations View Range
  8. Ring Binders, Lever Arch Files & Box Files

    Ring Binders, Lever Arch Files & Box Files

    12 Variations View Range
  9. Filing, Folders & Pockets

    Filing, Folders & Pockets

    21 Variations View Range
  10. Scissors, Staplers, Clips & Pins

    Scissors, Staplers, Clips & Pins

    16 Variations View Range
  11. Pens, Pencils & Highlighters

    Pens, Pencils & Highlighters

    25 Variations View Range
  12. Sticky Tape, Glue & Correction

    Sticky Tape, Glue & Correction

    19 Variations View Range
  13. Rulers & Hole Punches

    Rulers & Hole Punches

    6 Variations View Range
  14. Desk Trays & Accessories

    Desk Trays & Accessories

    15 Variations View Range
  15. Office Equipment

    Office Equipment

    14 Variations View Range
  16. Office Chairs

    Office Chairs

    13 Variations View Range

Our online office supplies store is here to make your life easier. Why order all the things you need to keep your business running from different suppliers when you can get them all from one? Especially when that one supplier is one you know you can trust to deliver what you need when you need it. Our customers have been praising the convenience, speed and quality of our packaging supplies for years, and now you can get the same levels of service when you buy your stationery – levels of service consistently rated as ‘Excellent’ on the independent review site Trustpilot. That also means extra savings can always be made on bigger orders, with quantity discounts of up to 25%.