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Home Office Supplies

Make working at home easy with our home office supplies

Home office supplies specifically selected for those working at home. Our range of home office supplies will help you kit out your home office and keep it organised, from paper pads, stationary, pens, archive boxes and laptop stands. If you would like even more office supplies we have a wide range of pens, ring binders, office paper, desk trays & accessories, office equipment and much more!

  1. Cardboard Archive Boxes

    Cardboard Archive Boxes

    1 Size Available
  2. Desk Monitor Stand

    Desk Monitor Stand

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  3. Laptop Stands For Desks

    Laptop Stands For Desks

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  4. Highlighters


    12 Choices Available
  5. Sticky Repositionable Notes

    Sticky Repositionable Notes

    12 Choices Available
  6. Economy A4 Refill Pads

    Economy A4 Refill Pads

    2 Choices Available
  7. Non Slip Desk Mat

    Non Slip Desk Mat

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  8. Cleaning Wipes

    Cleaning Wipes

    2 Choices Available
  9. Bic Cristal® Ballpoint Pens

    Bic Cristal® Ballpoint Pens

    11 Choices Available
  10. Height Adjustable Foot Stool

    Height Adjustable Foot Stool

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  11. PVC Chair Mats

    PVC Chair Mats

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  12. 4 Gang Extension Lead

    4 Gang Extension Lead

    4 Choices Available