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Resealable Plastic Bags

Clear resealable plastic bags with grip seal, zip lock and other reusable fastenings

Our range of resealable plastic bags is one of our most convenient yet effective solutions within our polythene packaging. They’re available in varying shapes, styles and sizes to suit all applications. These sealable bags are well suited to storing and packing multiple smaller items and those that need to be stored in airtight packaging.

Davpack can offer cheaper resealable polythene and polypropylene bags and deliver them faster than other UK packaging suppliers. In fact, most orders placed before 2:30 pm will get delivered the next working day. With discounts of up to 25% on larger orders, Davpack is the place to go for your grip seal, zip lock and heavy-duty resealable bags.

  1. Standard Grip Seal Bags

    Standard Grip Seal Bags

    21 Sizes In Stock
  2. Write On Grip Seal Bags

    Write On Grip Seal Bags

    16 Sizes In Stock
  3. Heavy Duty Grip Seal Bags

    Heavy Duty Grip Seal Bags

    7 Sizes In Stock

Secure protection with shrink wrap film


We stock high-quality resealable plastic bags stocked in an extensive range of sizes. With many approved for food use, these clear plastic bags represent excellent value as they can be used over and over again. Though they are known under many different brand names (such as Flexigrip, Minigrip, ZipLoc, self-seal and zipper poly bags), all terms refer to a similar style of resealable plastic bag that will keep their contents secure and protected.


Leak-proof and airtight grip seal bags


Resealable plastic bags make for a convenient and trustworthy way to keep various contents secure. This extends to more fragile and unpredictable contents, such as food and objects containing liquids. The grip seal bags we stock at Davpack are airtight and leak-proof to keep your mind at ease.


Transparent sealable bags for simple organisation


No matter what you’re packaging, organisation is key to keeping your workspace or home clutter-free and easy to find what you need. In this regard, our sealable bags are ideal as their transparency allows you to find what you’re looking for at a glance without compromising on security.


Same-day shipping


When you buy resealable plastic bags from Davpack, you never need to run out. We have an enormous stock and generally ship the same working day on overnight delivery. That means your order will normally arrive within 24-48 hours!

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