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Pallet Shrink Wrap

Pallet shrink wrap and heat guns secure your loads in seconds

Strong 125 micron polythene in the form of pallet sized bags or tubing that provide an exceptionally strong and rapid alternative to securing your pallet loads. With all our pallet shrink wrap and heat guns available immediately from stock and with generous quantity discounts also available, you don’t need to look any further for the fastest and best value pallet shrink wrap solution in the UK.

  1. Shrink Pallet Covers

    Shrink Pallet Covers

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  2. Hand Held Shrink Wrap Gun

    Hand Held Shrink Wrap Gun

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Here you'll find pallet shrink wrap and tubing for a strong and secure alternative to standard stretch film. Although our stock sizes have been selected for use with pallets of cardboard boxes, heat shrink tubing particularly is ideal for a range of applications, especially for shrink wrapping oddly-shaped items. And if you want to heat shrink wrap anything, you'll need a heat shrink gun to do it with! Our heat guns will secure your loads and products in seconds and, with a 32kw or 72kw shrink wrap gun to choose from, you're bound to find the one that's right for you!