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Padded Envelopes & Jiffy Bags

Great deals on the best in protective postal packaging

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Davpack has one of the biggest ranges of Jiffy bags and padded envelopes available online in the UK. As well as selling all the top brands, we also make and sell our own bags which are up to 25% cheaper than the branded versions. All these bags are kept in huge quantities in our warehouse so that we can dispatch to you the same day we receive your order. Choose from a range of sizes to suit you, we even supply eco-friendly padded envelopes for a recyclable alternative. Custom sizes also available in many of our ranges, just email for your free quote!

  1. Honeycomb Paper Padded Envelopes

    Honeycomb Paper Padded Envelopes

    2 Sizes In Stock
  2. Bio-Degradable Jiffy Padded Bags

    Bio-Degradable Jiffy Padded Bags

    10 Sizes In Stock
  3. White Bio-Degradable Corrugated Envelopes

    White Bio-Degradable Corrugated Envelopes

    5 Sizes In Stock
  4. Sale Gold Bubble Envelopes

    Gold Bubble Envelopes

    12 Sizes In Stock
  5. Sale White Bubble Envelopes

    White Bubble Envelopes

    10 Sizes In Stock
  6. Jiffy Superlite Foam Envelopes

    Jiffy Superlite Foam Envelopes

    5 Sizes In Stock
  7. Gold Jiffy Airkraft Padded Bags

    Gold Jiffy Airkraft Padded Bags

    10 Sizes In Stock
  8. White Jiffy Airkraft Padded Bags

    White Jiffy Airkraft Padded Bags

    10 Sizes In Stock
  9. Gold Jiffy Mailmiser Bags

    Gold Jiffy Mailmiser Bags

    2 Sizes In Stock
  10. White Jiffy Mailmiser Bags

    White Jiffy Mailmiser Bags

    9 Sizes In Stock
  11. Gold Mail Lite Envelopes

    Gold Mail Lite Envelopes

    11 Sizes In Stock
  12. White Mail Lite Bubble Envelopes

    White Mail Lite Bubble Envelopes

    11 Sizes In Stock
  13. Mail Lite Plus Envelopes

    Mail Lite Plus Envelopes

    View Product
  14. A4 Padded Envelopes

    A4 Padded Envelopes

    8 Choices In Stock
  15. Padded Bubble Envelopes

    Padded Bubble Envelopes

    6 Sizes Available
  16. Mail Tuff Cushioned Mailers

    Mail Tuff Cushioned Mailers

    3 Sizes In Stock
  17. Coloured Foil Bubble Envelopes

    Coloured Foil Bubble Envelopes

    35+ Choices
  18. Gloss Coloured Bubble Envelopes

    Gloss Coloured Bubble Envelopes

    20+ Choices
  19. Coloured Kraft Bubble Envelopes

    Coloured Kraft Bubble Envelopes

    20+ Choices

As an authorised main distributor for both Jiffy and Sealed Air, we are able to offer a full range of Jiffy bag sizes and Mail Lite envelopes. We buy our Jiffy bags wholesale in huge quantities and then pass the savings we make on to our customers. Padded envelopes, also known as bubble wrap bags or bubble envelopes, are the perfect lightweight protective packaging that keep your postal costs down and make sure all kinds of products such as cd's, dvd's, small components and books stay safe and secure as they make their way through the postal system.