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Royal Mail Small Parcel

Royal Mail small parcel size mailing bags, postal tubes and postal boxes

When the Royal Mail small parcel size came into force in April 2013, Davpack was immediately ready to supply a brand new range of postal packaging specially designed to match the new limits. Of course, many more of our postal boxes and tubes fall into the small parcel band, and here you’ll find a choice of our most popular items, ready for immediate dispatch to you straight from stock. Please be aware that some items can be packed to a bigger height than the permitted maximum, so in these cases, we have based our allocation on length and width only. Here you can find out more information on Royal Mail postal sizes.

  1. Brown Small Parcel Boxes

    Brown Small Parcel Boxes

    9 Sizes In Stock
  2. White Small Parcel Boxes

    White Small Parcel Boxes

    3 Sizes In Stock
  3. Sale Brown EconoPost Boxes

    Brown EconoPost Boxes

    40+ Choices In Stock
  4. White EconoPost Boxes

    White EconoPost Boxes

    35+ Choices In Stock
  5. Telescopic Postal Boxes

    Telescopic Postal Boxes

    View Range
  6. ColomPac® Returns Packaging

    ColomPac® Returns Packaging

    View Range
  7. Gold Bubble Envelopes

    Gold Bubble Envelopes

    12 Sizes In Stock
  8. White Bubble Envelopes

    White Bubble Envelopes

    View Range
  9. Gold Mail Lite Envelopes

    Gold Mail Lite Envelopes

    11 Sizes In Stock
  10. White Mail Lite Bubble Envelopes

    White Mail Lite Bubble Envelopes

    11 Sizes In Stock
  11. econoMAIL Bags

    econoMAIL Bags

    View Range
  12. Grey Mailing Bags

    Grey Mailing Bags

    30+ Choices In Stock
  13. White Card Envelopes

    White Card Envelopes

    25+ Sizes In Stock
  14. ColomPac® Premium Rigid Envelopes

    ColomPac® Premium Rigid Envelopes

    View Range
  15. ColomPac® Lightweight Horizontal Envelopes

    ColomPac® Lightweight Horizontal Envelopes

    View Range
  16. Sale Brown EconoBook Boxes

    Brown EconoBook Boxes

    View Range
  17. EconoBook Boxes With Adhesive Strip

    EconoBook Boxes With Adhesive Strip

    View Range
  18. White Book Boxes With Adhesive Strip

    White Book Boxes With Adhesive Strip

    2 Sizes In Stock
  19. ColomPac® Book Boxes

    ColomPac® Book Boxes

    View Range
  20. Medium Duty Cardboard Postal Tubes

    Medium Duty Cardboard Postal Tubes

    View Range
  21. Brown Triangular Postal Tubes

    Brown Triangular Postal Tubes

    View Range
  22. Triangular White Postal Tubes

    Triangular White Postal Tubes

    View Range
  23. Coloured Postal Tubes

    Coloured Postal Tubes

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Pricing in Proportion (PiP) was introduced in 2006, with the categories of letter, large letter and packet. In April 2013, packet was divided into new small and medium parcel categories. The Royal Mail small parcel size includes boxes measuring no more than 450 x 350 x 80mm, or 160 x 160 x 160mm, or a postal tube no longer than 450mm with diameter no greater than 80mm. A small parcel can also weigh no more than 2kg.