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Edge & Corner Protection

Plastic, cardboard and foam edge protection systems and corner protectors

Our range of edge and corner protection is one of the most extensive available in the UK, with strong, affordable protectors made from plastic, cardboard and foam. The even better news is that it’s also one of the best-value and most flexible ranges, with clever solutions such as perforated cardboard edge protectors and expanding plastic corner protectors available straight from stock with generous quantity discounts of up to 25%.

  1. Cardboard Edge Protectors

    Cardboard Edge Protectors

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  2. Perforated Corrugated Edge Protectors

    Perforated Corrugated Edge Protectors

    Quick And Easy
  3. Double Wall Corrugated Corner Protectors

    Double Wall Corrugated Corner Protectors

    Cost Effective Option
  4. Jiffy L Shape Foam Edge Protectors

    Jiffy L Shape Foam Edge Protectors

    2 Sizes In Stock
  5. Jiffy U Shape Foam Edge Protectors

    Jiffy U Shape Foam Edge Protectors

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  6. Jiffy U Profile Foam Corner Protectors

    Jiffy U Profile Foam Corner Protectors

    2 Sizes In Stock
  7. Cardboard Edge Guards On Rolls

    Cardboard Edge Guards On Rolls

    2 Choices In Stock
  8. Expanding Plastic Corner Protectors

    Expanding Plastic Corner Protectors

    2 Sizes In Stock
  9. Open Corner Protectors

    Open Corner Protectors

    Low Cost Durability
  10. Plastic Edge Protectors

    Plastic Edge Protectors

    3 Choices In Stock
  11. Closed Plastic Corner Guards

    Closed Plastic Corner Guards

    4 Sizes In Stock
  12. Self Adhesive Corner Foam Protectors

    Self Adhesive Corner Foam Protectors

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  13. Do Not Stack Cones

    Do Not Stack Cones

    In Stock
  14. Plastic Edge Guards on a Roll

    Plastic Edge Guards on a Roll

    Strong & Convenient
  15. Corrugated Paper Rolls

    Corrugated Paper Rolls

    10 Sizes In Stock
  16. White Foam Rolls

    White Foam Rolls

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Box corner protectors for a range of solutions

Davpack's range of cardboard and foam edge protectors offers reliable protective packaging solutions for picture frames, doors, tables and other furniture. They can also be used to stop plastic strapping from damaging outer cardboard packaging or stabilise and reinforce palletised loads in storage and transit.


Customisable Solutions for Every Packaging Need

Our corner and edge protection comes in a wide range of styles and sizes for many different applications, so we're sure to have the size you need. If you intend to ship flat items such as picture frames, table tops, books, desks or cabinets, use our low-priced open or closed-corner protectors to minimise transit damage.


For greater flexibility, try our ingenious expanding corner protectors. These versatile edge protectors can be reused for different-sized items in the future due to their adaptability, saving you time and money. Additionally, for the ultimate in quality corner and edge protection systems, look no further than our foam edge protectors, which are stocked in a range of profiles and are designed to tackle any challenge. While this protective packaging solution is lightweight and cost-effective, it is also highly durable and impact-proof, which cuts transport costs and prevents items from getting damaged.


Sustainable Packaging Practices


We prioritise sustainability in our edge and corner protection solutions. As part of our range of eco-packaging, we stock box corner protectors made from eco-friendly materials, such as paper and cardboard, reducing your environmental footprint. Choose sustainable edge and corner protection from Davpack to protect your products while caring for the planet.


Same-day shipping

Here at Davpack, we’re reliable suppliers of edge protection solutions. We have an enormous stock and generally ship the same working day on overnight delivery. That means your order will normally arrive within 24-48 hours!


For technical information and tips, check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact our friendly packaging experts on 01332 821200.