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Polystyrene Boxes & Sheeting

Great value polystyrene boxes for insulated packaging and polystyrene sheeting for superb layer and panel protection

These great value economical polystyrene cooler boxes are one of the best ways to provide temperature controlled protective packaging to your perishable products. If you want a greater level of protection for your products, we offer a range of cooler boxes with outer sleeves. Not only do these provide the same high level of thermal insulation but they give a great level of presentation to your customers as well as protecting the polystyrene box from the outside elements! Just like our polystyrene boxes, we also have premium boxes made from expanded polypropylene (EPP). These are extremely robust with multiple impact resistance and are ideal for any kind of hot or cold catering. Our Polystyrene Boxes and Insulated Containers will normally be with you within three to five working days. What’s more, the bigger your order, the bigger your savings on larger orders!

  1. Polystyrene Sheets

    Polystyrene Sheets

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  2. Polystyrene Cooler Boxes

    Polystyrene Cooler Boxes

    5 Sizes Available
  3. Cooler Boxes With Outer Sleeve

    Cooler Boxes With Outer Sleeve

    4 Sizes Available
  4. Premium Insulated Food Containers

    Premium Insulated Food Containers

    3 Sizes Available
  5. Non Hydrated Ice Packs

    Non Hydrated Ice Packs

    3 Choices Available

Lightweight and slim ice pads are the ideal way of keeping your product below the desired temperature for longer. Easy to use, they do not leak and are safe for direct food contact. To complete the range we have economical polystyrene sheeting; ideal for layering pallets and protecting delicate surfaces. Supplied in a choice of standard pallet sizes, dispatched straight from stock and with extra savings on larger orders.