Polystyrene Loose Fill

Reliable packaging protection with polystyrene loose fill chips

Our Polystyrene loose fill is available immediately from stock in large 15 cubic feet (425 litres) bags. One of the most popular protective packaging solutions we offer, with the added bonus of also being made from 100% recycled materials and also fully recyclable. With discounts of up to 20% on our already impressive prices when you buy multiple bags, and free delivery for orders over £150, it all adds up to some of the best value and most reliable packaging on the market.

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    Packing Peanuts

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    Loose Fill Dispenser

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Here you'll find polystyrene loose fill chips, which are among our most popular packaging products. Also known as packing chips, flow pack and void fill (visit our blog to read the history of loose fill packaging for the full story). Polystyrene loose fill is perfect for filling the space around fragile goods in cardboard boxes, ensuring the contents stay safe and in one piece. They’re made from 100% recycled materials, can be used time and time again, and are fully recyclable as well, making them one of the most environmentally friendly protective packaging products around! It's also an extremely light option, so your shipping costs will be as safe as your product. We also have gravity fed loose fill dispensers and mobile frames for a more effective means of delivering your polystyrene packing peanuts, speeding up operations and ensuring it all goes into the box rather than onto the floor!