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Boltless Shelving

Boltless storage and shelving systems for garage, archive and workshop storage

Whether you're after steel shelving, low cost boltless units or garage shelving solutions, our wide range of racking and shelving units are ideal for the warehouse, office or household environments without the need for specialist tools.


Our boltless shelving and storage range allows for quick set up and is a cost effective option for archive storage solutions. Available in a wide variety of sizes, heights and shelf widths, be sure to view our range closely to choose the one suitable for you! Most boltless shelving and storage units are eligible for free speedy delivery you no longer have to wait weeks before your storage unit is delivered!

  1. Value Shelving Units

    Value Shelving Units

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  2. Shelving Units - 200kg UDL

    Shelving Units - 200kg UDL

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  3. Industrial Shelving - 400kg UDL

    Industrial Shelving - 400kg UDL

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  4. Heavy Duty Shelving System - 800kg UDL

    Heavy Duty Shelving System - 800kg UDL

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  5. Kwik-Klik Shelving

    Kwik-Klik Shelving

    8 Choices Available
  6. Archive Storage Rivet Bays

    Archive Storage Rivet Bays

    12 Choices Available
  7. Metal Storage Shelves

    Metal Storage Shelves

    12 Choices Available

All our shelving systems are not only sturdy for industrial use, but with most taking only a few minutes to assemble maximising workspace can be a quick and simple process. So with a huge range of sizes available, we are sure to be able to meet your storage requirements.


We have teamed up with a shelving manufacturer to bring you effective ranges that not only save space, but with some of our archive shelving units supplied with up to 60 boxes, eliminates the hassle of calculating which size boxes you might need to utilise space effectively!