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Bigdug-essentials-3x-bay-shelving-kit Bigdug-essentials-3x-bay-shelving-kit Bigdug-essentials-3x-bay-shelving-kit

BiGDUG Essentials 3x Bay Shelving Kit

Elevate Your Space with BiGDUG Essentials 3x Bay Shelving Kit


Meet your storage challenges head-on with the BiGDUG Essentials 3x Bay Shelving Kit available at Davpack, a comprehensive solution for your organisational needs. Crafted from durable powder-coated European steel, this shelving kit is designed for stockrooms and workshops where robust, high-quality shelving units are paramount. Discover the versatility and reliability of this shelving kit, tailored to enhance your storage experience.

  • Sturdy steel shelving, powder coated for longevity
  • Supports 200kg per shelf, 1000kg per bay UDL*
  • Boltless assembly with a rubber mallet
  • 5 adjustable HDF shelves
  • Tailored depths for perfect fit
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RI17/90/30/3 £87.59 Inc VAT
  • Uniformly distributed loads of up to 200kg per shelf
  • Ideal for stockrooms and workshops
  • Features protective feet
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H x W x D mm
Shelf Material
Shelf Load
1790 x 900 x 300
High Density Fibreboard
- +
1790 x 900 x 450
High Density Fibreboard
- +
1790 x 900 x 600
High Density Fibreboard
- +
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Dependable Weight Capacity

Experience unmatched strength with this 3 bay shelving system. Built to withstand uniformly distributed loads of up to 200kg per shelf, each shelving bay boasts a substantial 1-tonne capacity. This robust and rigid design ensures your items are securely stored, providing peace of mind for heavy-duty storage requirements.

Customisable Shelving

Tailor your storage space to your specific needs with our adjustable shelving levels. The flexibility to adjust shelf heights every 82mm allows you to accommodate various products effortlessly. Each shelving bay includes 5 height-adjustable HDF shelves, central shelf supports and protective feet. This adaptability ensures your shelving setup is optimised for efficient storage.

Solving Your Storage Needs

Swiftly resolve your storage challenges with the BiGDUG Essentials 3x Bay Shelving Kit. Standing at 1790mm high, these bays are engineered to meet the essential storage needs of tools and equipment. Whether used individually or combined to create a continuous run of storage space, these bays offer versatile storage solutions. With options for 3 different depths (300mm, 450mm and 600mm) and a simple boltless assembly requiring just a rubber mallet, this shelving kit empowers you to create an organised and efficient storage environment tailored to your requirements.

  • Central shelf supports prevent sagging, ensuring stability
  • Use individually or combine for seamless storage runs
  • Features protective feet, safeguarding floors and shelving
  • Ideal for stockrooms and workshops
  • Upgrade options available

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