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Packing Stations & Workbenches

Heavy duty packing stations and workbenches

No warehouse or workshop can live without a decent quality workbench, so here we have ones that are easy to assemble but have an excellent load bearing capacity. Our workbenches are top quality, yet come at a very attractive price. We can also supply mobile workbenches as well as the very best in packing stations and complete packing bench solutions.


Check out 5 step guide on how to improve your packing process.

  1. Workbench - 400kg UDL

    Workbench - 400kg UDL

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  2. Heavy Duty Workbench - 800kg UDL

    Heavy Duty Workbench - 800kg UDL

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  3. Packaging Station

    Packaging Station

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  4. Packaging Bench With Reel Bar

    Packaging Bench With Reel Bar

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  5. Workstation - 300kg UDL

    Workstation - 300kg UDL

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  6. Workstation - 400kg UDL

    Workstation - 400kg UDL

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  7. Value Workbench

    Value Workbench

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