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Plastic Tubs & Containers

Our range of plastic tubs, containers, buckets, kegs and bottles are ideal for the storage and transportation of a wide range of food and non-food products

If you’re looking for the ideal type and size of plastic container for the storage and transport of your goods, Davpack are sure to have the right product for you! Our range of plastic tubs and containers are made from food approved plastic and many are UN approved for hazardous products where stated. Try our screw top containers for creams, tablets or pastes, or our plastic buckets for paints, detergents and other liquids. If you need something that is for hazardous products such as fuels, take a look at our UN approved stackable jerry cans.

  1. Plastic Screw Top Containers

    Plastic Screw Top Containers

    3 Sizes Available
  2. Plastic Buckets With Lids

    Plastic Buckets With Lids

    8 Sizes Available
  3. Natural Plastic Jerry Cans

    Natural Plastic Jerry Cans

    5 Sizes Available
  4. Stackable Plastic Jerry Cans

    Stackable Plastic Jerry Cans

    4 Sizes Available
  5. Wide Neck Plastic Kegs

    Wide Neck Plastic Kegs

    4 Sizes Available
  6. Clear PET Bottles

    Clear PET Bottles

    3 Sizes Available
  7. Natural Plastic Bottles

    Natural Plastic Bottles

    3 Sizes Available
  8. Open Top Plastic Storage Barrels

    Open Top Plastic Storage Barrels

    4 Sizes Available
  9. Tight Head Plastic Storage Drums

    Tight Head Plastic Storage Drums

    3 Sizes Available
  10. Open Top Steel Barrels

    Open Top Steel Barrels

    3 Sizes Available

For larger quantities of products we have a good selection of storage drums, plastic kegs and steel barrels. For juices, smoothies and other drinks take a look at our range of PET bottles or natural bottles. We're sure you’ll find the right plastic tub or container from this range of products. However, if you can’t see what you need just give us to call to see if we can source if for you!