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BiGDUG Essentials Large Plastic Stacking Pick Bins

Optimised Storage Solutions with Large Plastic Stacking Picking Bins.


Introducing our value range of BiGDUG Essentials Large Plastic Stacking Pick Bins, available at Davpack and meticulously designed to meet the demands of industrial, commercial and domestic storage needs. These bins are not only suitable for professional settings but are also an ideal solution for general home and garage storage. Offering versatility and easy accessibility, these plastic pick bins cater to a range of storage requirements.

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From only £9.49 / pack EACH
BDE54SB £11.39 Inc VAT
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • 15kg load capacity
  • Open front window for easy grab-and-go access
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H x W x D mm
321 x 495 x 390
50 Litres
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322 x 495 x 390
50 Litres
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323 x 495 x 390
50 Litres
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  • Ideal for industrial, commercial and home storage
  • Different material options
  • Wide front openings
  • Dual-sided convenience
  • Eco-friendly, recycled plastic choice

Great Materials for Varied Applications

Available in blue, black or grey, these stacking picking bins cater to diverse needs, providing you with a selection that aligns with your preferences and values. The blue bins are manufactured from virgin polypropylene, ensuring robustness for industrial and commercial applications. Meanwhile, the black and grey options are crafted from recycled plastic, offering an eco-friendly choice for those conscious of sustainability.

Efficient Access and Dual-Sided Convenience

Designed for optimal usability, these bins feature wide front openings that facilitate easy access to the bin contents. The stacking picking bins provide flexibility with the option to stack with the opening to the front or rear, offering dual-sided access for added convenience. This design innovation enhances the adaptability of these bins, making them suitable for a variety of storage scenarios.

Scalable Storage with Nestable Design

These large plastic stacking pick bins not only excel in accessibility but also in space optimisation. The bins are nestable when empty, minimising storage space requirements when not in use. With a generous 50-litre capacity and a load capacity of 15kg, these bins can be stacked up to 5 units in height, providing a scalable and customisable storage solution. Our commitment to offering practical and efficient storage solutions is exemplified in these plastic pick bins.

  • Nestable design
  • Generous 50 litre capacity
  • 15kg load capacity
  • Stackable up to 5 units in height
  • Robust construction for diverse applications

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