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HD 19mm Extruded Polyester Strapping Tensioner

Heavy duty polyester strapping tool - tensions strapping up to 19mm


This heavy duty strapping tensioner tool is suitable for medium to heavy use and can be used on extruded polyester strapping of various sizes - 12mm, 16mm and 19mm. Simply feed through the polyester strapping and use the handle to draw the strapping through and tighten it.

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  • Innovative gripper mechanism
  • For medium to heavy duty use
  • Use with 12mm-19mm strapping
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This heavy duty polyester PET strapping tensioner is a versatile strapping tool to tighten plastic strapping around pallets and cartons, in order to improve stability and security.

As well as this polyester strapping tensioner tool, you will need a plastic strapping sealer tool and seals, or strapping buckles to retain the tension and secure the load.

Simply ring for advice about extruded PET and cord polyester strapping tensioners. Some people ask us for advice on tools for plastic banding. With over 35 years packaging experience, and a comprehensive range of heavy duty polyester strapping tensioners in stock, we'll help you make the ideal choice. As well as friendly advice we aim to offer the lowest UK prices and fast delivery on plastic PET & polyester strapping tensioner tools.



  • Suitable for polyester strapping up to 19mm
  • Heavy duty strapping tensioner tool - ideal for frequent use
  • Strap and secure large boxes, crates and bundles
  • Secure cases for professional presentation and reduced damages
  • Reduce damages by securing pallets with polyester strapping
  • Big range of polyester strapping, tensioners, sealers and strapping kits
  • Great value heavy duty polyester strapping tensioner
  • Great value heavy duty polyester strapping tensioner
  • Stock item, so no delay to your order
  • Take the tension out of securing palletised loads

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