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Rope, Ties & Twines

For bags, bundles, parcels and load securing

Here you'll find a wide range of ties, string, rope, straps and twine for wrapping, bundling and load securing applications. For keeping cabling neat and tidy at home or the office, we have coloured and nylon cable ties, direct from stock and suitable for a range of industrial and construction applications, as well as bag closing and product bundling; our coloured cable ties come in a range of bright colours including blue, green, red and yellow. For securing and tying poly bags, bundles, polythene tubing and sacks, copper or pvc coated wire bag ties and twist ties provide a rapid, cost effective solution. Our range of packaging twine includes cotton, sisal and polypropylene string or, when you need something stronger, how about blue polypropylene rope? This section is completed by load securing straps and blue tarpaulin sheets, all available direct from stock and at prices that will be hard to beat.

  1. Nylon Cable Ties

    Nylon Cable Ties

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  2. Coloured Cable Ties

    Coloured Cable Ties

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  3. Twist Ties

    Twist Ties

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  4. Wire Ties / Bag Twist Ties

    Wire Ties / Bag Twist Ties

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  5. Plastic Security Seals

    Plastic Security Seals

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  6. Load Securing Straps

    Load Securing Straps

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  7. Tarpaulin Sheets

    Tarpaulin Sheets

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