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Facilities Management

Everything you need to keep your company buildings, facilities and staff in tip-top condition

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Running a business is about more than making sales and fulfilling customer orders. It’s also about looking after your staff and keeping your work areas clean – not just because it will make for a happier and more productive environment, but also because you’re required to by law! Here you can source a full range of building and facilities management products, such as essential cleaning & hygiene materials, products and aids, catering supplies such as packs and jars of tea and coffee for your staff canteen, plastic and paper plates and cutlery for special events and a range of waste disposal solutions to clear up afterwards!

  1. Catering Supplies

    Catering Supplies

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  2. Cleaning & Hygiene

    Cleaning & Hygiene

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  3. Tissues & Dispensers

    Tissues & Dispensers

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  4. Refuse & Recycling

    Refuse & Recycling

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  5. Mats & Flooring

    Mats & Flooring

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  6. Office Chairs

    Office Chairs

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Buying your building and facilities management supplies from Davpack doesn’t just let you buy high quality cleaning products, catering supplies and waste disposal solutions at more than competitive prices. It also saves time, by turning two routine restocking jobs into one – and with the Davpack website regularly praised by our customers for its speed and ease of use, buying it all in one go couldn’t be easier. It might also save you an unnecessary delivery charge – and don’t forget that as we deliver all orders over £150 for free, buying some floor cleaner or tissues and dispensers on top of your regular packaging order could save you a delivery charge as well!