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Bench Scales

Low prices on bench scales from top quality manufacturers

Our large range of digital and mechanical bench scales is supplied direct from the leading names in the business and all have been designed and built with accuracy, reliability and everyday use in mind. From one of the most famous names in the business, Salter bench scales are available as high tech digital machines or as traditional mechanical scales that look perfect on any shop counter! Adam bench scales include a set of wash down scales which are perfect for food preparation and agricultural use. Davpack doesn't just do packaging and cardboard boxes - we also supply a full range of weighing scales for all needs and all budgets!

  1. Adam Wash Down Scales

    Adam Wash Down Scales

    12 Choices Available
  2. Adam CPW Bench Scales

    Adam CPW Bench Scales

    15 Choices Available
  3. Salter Bench Scales

    Salter Bench Scales

    3 Choices Available
  4. Salter Portable Electronic Bench Weighing Scales

    Salter Portable Electronic Bench Weighing Scales

    2 Choices Available
  5. Salter S100 Platform Scales

    Salter S100 Platform Scales

    3 Choices Available