Cleaning & Hygiene

You can now buy low cost cleaning products and janitorial supplies at the same time as you buy your packaging!

Why make an extra job out of stocking up on your janitorial supplies when the UK’s favourite packaging supplier can give you top value, quality cleaning products and rapid delivery at the same time as you order your cardboard boxes, pallet wrap and polybags? Our comprehensive range includes top brands like Cif, Fairy and Finish alongside specially chosen budget cleaning products that offer reliable performance next to unbeatable value.

  1. Carex Liquid Soap

    Carex Liquid Soap

    4 Choices Available
  2. Liquid Hand Soap

    Liquid Hand Soap

    2 Choices Available
  3. Pink Pearl Handwash

    Pink Pearl Handwash

    2 Choices Available
  4. Antibacterial Handwash

    Antibacterial Handwash

    2 Choices Available
  5. Hand Sanitiser

    Hand Sanitiser

    No Water Required
  6. Deb Industrial Skin Care System

    Deb Industrial Skin Care System

    21 Choices Available
  7. EcoTech Wipes

    EcoTech Wipes

    3 Choices Available
  8. Swarfega Heavy Duty Wipes

    Swarfega Heavy Duty Wipes

    1 Choice Available
  9. Value Surface Cleaners

    Value Surface Cleaners

    13 Choices Available
  10. Cif Surface Cleaners

    Cif Surface Cleaners

    6 Choices Available
  11. Value Floor Cleaners

    Value Floor Cleaners

    3 Choices Available
  12. Flash Floor Cleaners

    Flash Floor Cleaners

    2 Choices Available
  13. Fairy Washing-Up Liquid

    Fairy Washing-Up Liquid

    2 Choices Available
  14. Finish Dishwasher Range

    Finish Dishwasher Range

    4 Choices Available
  15. Fairy Laundry Detergent

    Fairy Laundry Detergent

    2 Choices Available
  16. Colour Coded Cloths

    Colour Coded Cloths

    12 Choices Available
  17. Hygiene Dishcloths

    Hygiene Dishcloths

    4 Choices Available
  18. Scourers


    Tough & Effective
  19. Sponge Scourers

    Sponge Scourers

    Superb Value
  20. Yellow Dusters

    Yellow Dusters

    A Cleaning Essential
  21. Colour Coded Mops

    Colour Coded Mops

    12 Choices Available
  22. Superdry Mop

    Superdry Mop

    2 Choices Available
  23. Colour Coded Brooms

    Colour Coded Brooms

    6 Choices Available
  24. Dustpan and Brush

    Dustpan and Brush

    4 Choices Available
  25. Rubber Gloves

    Rubber Gloves

    3 Choices Available
  26. Safety Signs

    Safety Signs

    2 Choices Available
  27. Toilet Brush Set

    Toilet Brush Set

    Hygenic & Effective

Buying your janitorial supplies at Davpack gives you the chance to save both time and money by turning two jobs into one, taking advantage of some of the best prices on both branded and budget cleaning products, saving on at least one delivery charge and getting extra discount when you buy in large quantities.