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Platform Trucks

Heavy duty and reliable flatbed trolleys and platform trucks

When you need to move heavy, non-palletised loads around the warehouse, a firm load & balance truck capable of bearing a massive 500kg weight is just the ticket! Each heavy duty platform truck in this section has the strength and durability to be a real warehouse time and energy saver. And with many having optional side and end meshes or panels, a platform truck is also supremely flexible, perfect for almost any cargo you may want to trust it with!

  1. Value Platform Truck

    Value Platform Truck

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  2. Value Heavy Duty Platform Truck

    Value Heavy Duty Platform Truck

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  3. Panel Platform Truck

    Panel Platform Truck

    12 Options Available
  4. Twin Handle Platform Truck

    Twin Handle Platform Truck

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  5. Platform Truck With Mesh Sides

    Platform Truck With Mesh Sides

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  6. Mesh Platform Truck

    Mesh Platform Truck

    4 Choices Available
  7. Mesh Basket Platform Truck

    Mesh Basket Platform Truck

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  8. Firm Load & Balance Truck

    Firm Load & Balance Truck

    11 Options Available