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Steps & Stools

Stools and step ladders ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial use

Between this and the ladders section (there is a difference), Davpack can provide more ways of getting high than a trampoline factory. Our stools and step ladders have a range of applications for home and work, from a kick stool ideal for reaching the top shelves in a library or bookshop to hand operated mobile steps for picking from high locations in a warehouse (our largest has a platform 4 metres up!). In between we have folding step stools that are lightweight and compact and safety step ladders with several features designed to protect the climber against a range of hazards. Other options you might like to consider include swingback steps, fibreglass step ladders, double sided steps and platform step ladders. And because we source our ladders direct from the manufacturers for you, we can provide them at prices you'll find hard to beat!

  1. Step Over Steps

    Step Over Steps

    2 Sizes Available
  2. Narrow Aisle Steps

    Narrow Aisle Steps

    6 Sizes Available
  3. Tilt And Go Steps

    Tilt And Go Steps

    4 Sizes Available
  4. Hand Operated Mobile Steps

    Hand Operated Mobile Steps

    13 Sizes Available
  5. Knock Down Mobile Steps

    Knock Down Mobile Steps

    11 Sizes Available
  6. Folding Step Stool

    Folding Step Stool

    3 Sizes Available
  7. Warehouse Step Ladder

    Warehouse Step Ladder

    7 Sizes Available