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Office Storage Boxes

Cardboard and plastic office storage and archive boxes – usually delivered the working day after you place your order!

These cardboard and plastic storage boxes will keep those essential office documents safe and dust-free no matter how deep the storage you put them into. They’re also ideal for keeping things safe and secure if you have to move offices. The cardboard ones are delivered to you flat, which makes them easy to store until you actually need them, while the plastic ones, which come in a great range of handy sizes, have that extra strength you sometimes need. All these office storage boxes are stock items, so you’ll never have to wait to get them delivered.

  1. Cardboard Archive Boxes

    Cardboard Archive Boxes

    1 Size Available
  2. Davpack Cardboard Transfer Files

    Davpack Cardboard Transfer Files

    View Range
  3. Q-Connect® Archive Boxes

    Q-Connect® Archive Boxes

    4 Sizes Available
  4. Q-Connect® Transfer Cases

    Q-Connect® Transfer Cases

    2 Choices Available
  5. Q-Connect® Cardboard Magazine Holders

    Q-Connect® Cardboard Magazine Holders

    1 Size Available
  6. Q-Connect® Cardboard Filing Drawers

    Q-Connect® Cardboard Filing Drawers

    1 Size Available
  7. R-Kive Archive Boxes

    R-Kive Archive Boxes

    2 Choices Available
  8. R-Kive Transfer Files

    R-Kive Transfer Files

    1 Size Available
  9. R-Kive Cardboard Storage Files

    R-Kive Cardboard Storage Files

    1 Size Available
  10. R-Kive Storage Boxes

    R-Kive Storage Boxes

    3 Sizes Available
  11. R-Kive System Transfer Files

    R-Kive System Transfer Files

    1 Size Available
  12. R-Kive Magazine Files

    R-Kive Magazine Files

    1 Size Available
  13. R-Kive File Storage Boxes

    R-Kive File Storage Boxes

    4 Sizes Available
  14. R-Kive Coloured Archive Boxes

    R-Kive Coloured Archive Boxes

    3 Colours Available
  15. R-Kive Coloured Transfer Files

    R-Kive Coloured Transfer Files

    3 Colours Available
  16. Cardboard Boxes with Handles

    Cardboard Boxes with Handles

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