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Anti Static Plastic

Anti static plastic protection for your ESD sensitive items

Our new anti static plastic bags and tubing mean you now have even more choice when it comes to ensuring your electronic components are fully protected and secured against the dangers of electrostatic discharges. For more information on our full range of anti static packaging, go to Protective Packaging and check out our new dedicated anti static section – you’ll also find anti static boxes, bubble wrap and bags, foam postal boxes and layer pads.

  1. Anti Static Bags

    Anti Static Bags

    5 Size Available
  2. Sale Black Conductive ESD Bags

    Black Conductive ESD Bags

    6 Sizes Available

This range of anti static plastic packaging solutions provides new layers of security for your sensitive electronic products and components. Our clear polythene anti static bags come in twelve different sizes to suit a broad range of products, while black conductive plastic bags have the added benefit of keeping valuable items hidden from view. Greater flexibility with sizes can be gained by using our black conductive plastic tubing, easily cut and sealed to just the length you need!