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Anti Static Packaging

Protect your electronics from ESD with anti static packaging

Keeping valuable electricals safe from the dangers of ESD is easy with Davpack’s comprehensive range of quality anti static packaging. Please be aware that much of this range is special order, so you may need to allow five working days for delivery, although the anti static bubble products can be dispatched on the same working day if you place your order before 2:30pm. And even if you do have to wait that little bit longer, you could save up to 30% by buying in bulk, one of the very best quantity discounts available from Davpack!

  1. Anti Static Bags

    Anti Static Bags

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  2. Black Conductive ESD Bags

    Black Conductive ESD Bags

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  3. Pink Layflat Anti Static Tubing

    Pink Layflat Anti Static Tubing

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  4. Anti Static EconoBubble Bags

    Anti Static EconoBubble Bags

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  5. Anti Static Jiffy Bubble Bags

    Anti Static Jiffy Bubble Bags

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  6. Anti Static Foam Slider Boxes

    Anti Static Foam Slider Boxes

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Electrostatic discharges (often referred to as ESD for short) can give you minor electric shocks and make balloons stick to your jumper. More seriously, they can cause irreparable damage to electronic components and computer parts. Our anti static packaging creates what is called a Faraday cage around the contents which protects them from the effects by redistributing the charge. You can read more about this on our blog - 'Answering the Charges'. The range includes all kinds of component boxes, transit cases and tote bins, along with polythene bags, bubble bags and rolls of anti static bubble wrap.