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WC - 120g GUSSETED POLYTHENE BAGS 300W x 500G x 600L mm
gusseted-bags gusseted-bags gusseted-bags gusseted-bags gusseted-bags

Gusseted Polythene Bags 120 Gauge / 30 Micron

An expandable side gusset allows a greater volume of products to be packed!


These standard duty gusseted polythene bags have an expandable side which increases the volume of the bag, enabling it to accommodate larger and bulkier materials. Made from 30 micron / 120 gauge low density polythene, they provide reliable, inexpensive dust and moisture protection. Gusseted bags are also used extensively for lining shipping boxes and crates, providing an extra layer of protection for goods contained within, as well as packaging agricultural products, industrial materials, computer software and mail order despatch items.

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From only £33.48 / pack 1000
BGP12/025 £40.18 Inc VAT
  • Expandable bags for bulky items
  • Same day dispatch on all available sizes
  • Up to 20% extra discount available
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W x G x L (mm)
W x G x L (in)
300 x 500 x 600
12 x 20 x 24
30mu / 120g
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400 x 700 x 500
16 x 28 x 20
30mu / 120g
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600 x 1000 x 800
24 x 39 x 32
30mu / 120g
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Available straight from stock in a selection sizes ranging from small to large pallet sized bags. Once packed they can be securely closed with a heat sealer, tape or twist ties.

The size of our gusseted polythene bags are always expressed as "x" wide opening to "y" wide times the length. So if a bag is stated as 100 x 150 x 200 mm this means it is 100mm wide when flat, opening to 150mm including the gusset, with a bag length of 200mm.

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