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Plastic Sacks

Large strong plastic sacks for professional and domestic applications

As part of our polythene packaging range, here at Davpack, you’ll find a choice of strong and affordable solutions for storing and disposing of large, heavy and bulky objects. Polypropylene sacks have a wide variety of practical applications in the engineering, agricultural and chemical industries and are also a cost-effective alternative to traditional hessian sacks for storing potatoes.


Bulk bags offer a heavy-duty alternative to these, with a load capacity of up to one tonne! Rubble sacks are a favourite among builders and gardeners due to their tear-resistant strength, which makes disposing of sharp and heavy waste safe and easy. With low prices, extra discounts on larger orders, and fast delivery as standard, Davpack is always the best place to get your heavy-duty plastic sacks.

  1. Rubble Sacks

    Rubble Sacks

    3 Sizes Available
  2. Polypropylene Sacks

    Polypropylene Sacks

    6 Sizes In Stock
  3. 1 Tonne Bulk Bags

    1 Tonne Bulk Bags

    1 Size In Stock

Heavy-duty plastic sacks with unparalleled strength

The heavy-duty plastic sacks at Davpack are made to provide superior strength, making them ideal for even the most demanding applications. Crafted from durable materials, these sacks can withstand substantial weight and resist tears, ensuring your goods are kept safe and secure. Whether you're dealing with industrial waste, construction debris, or transporting bulky items, our heavy-duty plastic sacks are up to the task and will handle the toughest jobs with ease.


Large, strong plastic sacks for versatility

Our large, strong plastic sacks are ideal for a range of uses and provide plenty of space for your storage and transportation needs. Available in various sizes, they can accommodate a wide range of items and quantities. From organising materials in warehouses to collecting yard waste, our plastic sacks are the go-to solution. Their spacious design allows for efficient packing, maximising storage capacity and simple handling. Experience the convenience and reliability of our large, strong plastic sacks.


Plastic sacks with enhanced durability

Our plastic sacks are designed to withstand demanding environments. With their enhanced durability, they’re resistant to punctures, moisture and harsh conditions. This ensures that your goods are protected during storage or transportation, keeping them safe from any potential damage. You can rely on our large, strong plastic sacks at Davpack to keep your products in optimal condition.


Same-day shipping

When you buy lightweight or heavy-duty plastic sacks from Davpack, you’ll be able to keep your stock replenished at all times thanks to our fantastic supply of stock. We ship the same working day on overnight delivery which means your order will normally arrive within 24-48 hours!

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