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Fill Air Rocket

Enjoy the Fill-Air Rocket system for a faster, simpler, lighter, and better prepared packaging experience


Created by protective packaging experts, the new Fill-Air Rocket system will revolutionize the way you package your products. The Fill-Air Rocket has many advantageous features such as its ability to inflate 30 meters of void fill cushions per minute and the optimization of bag fill through cross seal identification sensors, ensuring consistent protective performance. The Fill-Air Rocket is incredibly easy to install; it is small, light and has a simple plug-in system, just flip a switch and load the film to begin! This new Fill-Air system will enhance your packaging environment. Request a demonstration today and improve your packaging operations! FREE machine rental available with minimum order quantities – contact us for more information.


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  • Quiet, Recyclable and Reusable void fill
  • Quick and efficient packaging
  • Small, light and easy to install
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Producing up to 150 recyclable and reusable bags per minute, the Fill-Air Rocket can also decrease noise pollution in the workplace with its quiet mode option. The machine has countless characteristics which will make your packaging strategy quicker and more efficient. Incorporating superior technologies such as automated tracking control and auto-replenishment sensors, the system maintains a constant supply of material and eliminates the need for manual adjustment, providing consistent inflation.


The strength of Fill-Air packaging makes it highly reusable; it is recyclable and loses 99.3% of its volume when deflated. The system also provides a reduced equipment footprint.


  • 30m of inflated void fill cushions per minute
  • Simplified operations – simply plug in, load the film and the Fill Air Rocket system is ready for use
  • Small and light – incredibly easy to install in a variety of packaging line configurations
  • Auto-replenishment sensor maintains a consistent supply of material
  • Film is reusable and recyclable
  • Quiet mode option – reducing operation noise levels
  • Quick start – creates bags instantaneously, operating at maximum capacity in order to increase productivity in demanding environments
  • Cross seal identification sensors – enabling the technology to stop and start automatically on a cross seal
  • Various delivery options available for packaging-on-demand – increasing your packaging output
  • Versatile film options
  • 3 material widths and 9 different bag sizes available – contact us for more information

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