Air Cushion Systems

Air cushion packaging takes up less of your storage space and saves you money. What’s not to like?

When you’re short on storage space, keeping bundles of bubble wrap or bags of polystyrene void fill can be a big problem. After all, most of what you’re storing is actually air. How much more convenient would it be to inflate the air at the time you actually need it? An air cushion system does just that – with the help of a simple machine and some flat polythene film, you can create the protection you need when you need it. Our Mini Pak R air cushion machine is available from stock, so we can often dispatch on the same day you order, with delivery usually made on the very next working day. That means that you don’t have to wait to start making better use of your valuable storage areas.

  1. Mini Pak R Air Cushion Machine

    Mini Pak R Air Cushion Machine

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  2. Air Cushion Film

    Air Cushion Film

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Air cushion packaging doesn’t just take up less space, it can also save you quite a lot of money – our tests show that if you use ten bags of packing peanuts a month, you could save over £1000 in the first two years by changing the way you do your packing. If you use five rolls of 1500mm x 200m bubble wrap a month, you could save over £1500 over the same period.