Frustration Free Packaging

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Packaging designed to make customers’ unboxing experience easier is often described as frustration free packaging. So in what ways can a small business incorporate this strategy into current their business operations?

With customers now seeing packaging as a huge part in the overall buying experience, receiving a parcel that is battered, bruised or torn gives a very poor impression of the brand. But by taking the time out to understand how your customer receives your product, you can find that by eliminating excessive packaging and utilizing good quality protective materials, you can ultimately increase customer satisfaction.


What is Frustration Free Packaging (FFP)?

Environmentally friendly packaging that improves a customer’s shopping experience and increases satisfaction through the reduction of excessive packaging waste


I have a small business, is Frustration Free Packaging (FFP) really necessary?

Simply put, yes! By reducing the use of excess packaging materials, you can speed up your packaging operations, creating a faster method of dispatching your goods. Using less packaging then becomes simpler, resulting in less clutter on your packing benches with less packaging required for your business to stock. This in time then becomes more cost effective, both on the packaging stock investment, and on sending your parcels. Using the right sized box can lower your mailing costs considerably! (More on this here.)

By introducing the concept of frustration free packaging into your process, you review your use of packaging materials and their effectiveness. Often companies are able to reduce the amount of packaging they’re using, whilst improving the product protection through putting more thought into carefully chosen protective options.

For a start-up this could mean swapping your bulky protective packaging such as packing peanuts, for inflatable packaging which instantly creates a much neater packing station and a less frustrating opening experience to the customer. Easily pierced, the air pillows can be deflated to be easily disposed of whilst taking up minimal space. This small change will give a positive impression to your customers as soon as they open their delivery!


How can I adopt FFP into my business?

Consider the packaging you are currently using and where it is being stored, how much space it’s taking up and how many different packaging materials you’re using.

For a business currently using bulky packaging such as bubble wrap or loose fill to protect their goods in transit, it’s worth reviewing alternative options such as air cushion packaging  (which takes up very little space and is easy to dispose of for the customer), or a recycled paper cushioning system (utilizing excess paper and cardboard products and reusing them as a protective cushion for your goods).

For a company with a limited number of different products, using bespoke packaging that fits perfectly around the exact size of your product is another option which instantly mitigates the annoyance of over packing, whilst allowing you to showcase your brand and company message.


Is FFP really going to help me?

By looking at unboxing exercises online, you can quickly identify how frustration free packaging can really make or break a customer’s buying experience. From improving your packaging methods and materials, you can avoid making customers unhappy and ultimately secure customer loyalty for repeat business and recommendations.

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Think about bringing in incremental changes rather than a radical elimination process of your current packaging processes.

It’s also worth considering using a click and collect option (providing your business is in an easily accessible location), which can eliminate the need for extra transit packaging. This can also save customers extra delivery charges which could be very appealing!


When can I adopt FFP in my business?

As soon as you’re ready! Thanks to products such as crash lock boxes, self-seal envelopes, returnable dispatch boxes and reusable inflatable packaging, implementing frustration free packaging into your business is quickly and easily achievable.

As well as making your packing process quicker and more streamlined, this can make opening a parcel easier and more enjoyable for your customer. On occasions where the product isn’t suitable, the same packaging can often be used to return the product back to exchange for something more suitable. Making this process as easy as possible for your customer may result in them exchanging the item for something else, rather than requesting a refund!

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