5 Ways to Showcase Your Brand

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For growing businesses increasing brand awareness can mean implementing new ideas, exploring new markets and increasing business presence. What approaches can a growing business take to showcase a brand and expand their company.

showcase a brand

  1. Printed Outer Packaging

Thanks to continuous digital print innovations custom printing is now widely available across a selection of packaging options, which paves the way for young businesses to appear professional and eye catching against bigger brands. With this, budding businesses are now able to design products creatively without having to worry about using expensive packaging that is not cost effective.

For businesses crafting their own brand or creating unique mail order services, consider the varied packaging options and materials that can have an impact from the moment your customer receive their delivery. Whilst standard 0201 cardboard boxes are the most frequently customized packaging choice, printing is available for many other packaging options from postal tubes of different sizes to postal boxes, book wraps and mailing bags.

With an endless list of options, designs can be manufactured to specific sizes if needed and can now be printed on without costing a fortune.

  1. Customised Inner Packaging

For a growing business in the retail industry you may have already taken steps into customizing your outer packaging, so spending the time to customize your inner packaging may seem like a time consuming project. However with a few practical additions to your current packing station a, customers unboxing experience can be drastically improved without a large price tag!

For a quick win, consider using contrasting coloured tissue paper, shredded cellophane or a piece of ribbon to wrap and decorate your products. These off the shelf inner packaging options will add a more luxury feel to your products, demonstrating time and care is taken to ensure the customer is happy with their unboxing experience.

Usually available from stock most of these are available with next working day dispatch, which in comparison to some customized ranges avoids the commitment to of large quantity orders as well as additional printing charges and long lead times.

Showcasing your brand and company values on can go far beyond printing a company logo on your packaging. Options can include using custom inner packaging such as bespoke foam or custom fitted polystyrene, to cushion your products in transit, which for a high valued product provides the customer with satisfaction of knowing their product has been cared for.

  1. Printed Packing Tape

As a business you could be currently using standard packing tape to securre your parcels. With tape being the most common way of relaying an additional message to your customers, customising your tape with your company slogan, logo or opening instructions makes your business stand out from the crowd, whilst adding additional level of attention to detail!

For more luxurious products, customized ribbon, luxury gift boxes and decorative loops are just a few choices available that are designed to compliment premium items without the need for custom printing.

  1. Branded Labelling

For market channel sellers currently using labels or documents enclosed wallets during dispatch, custom printing these helps both customers and couriers to quickly identify who the parcel is from. Not only a highly useful feature for customers who are ordering from multiple sellers, but for sellers using plain packaging a custom printed label appears more prominent which evidently helps a parcel stand out more from the crowd.

By custom printing a company logo, seller information or return address on a label or document wallet, you can maintain brand consistency across web-shop right through to delivery.

  1. Advertise to Existing Customers

Most small businesses have the advantage of market testing products and integrating services much quicker than large organisations. With a smaller pool of customer data and a limited range of products, the results can be verified, tested and used to improve service levels. With the help of smart tools and analytics live data can provide accurate information about customer journey and buying behaviour, which can be used to help plan marketing campaigns and in turn pre-empt customer orders.

For repeat customers this could mean free samples or an extra discount on their next order, afterall promoting your brand with existing customers is always easier to achieve than with new business!


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