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Kraft Paper Rolls & Sheets

Traditional brown wrapping paper rolls and sheets

Our traditional range of kraft paper rolls and sheets provide reliable strength alongside a reassuring feeling that this is how a parcel really should be wrapped. Brown parcel paper has made a real comeback in recent years, and is a much more cost effective option than you might imagine. In fact, with prices for our pure kraft rolls and sheets starting from around just 7p per metre, you’ll struggle to find better value protective packaging anywhere! All our pure and recycled kraft paper packaging can be dispatched straight from stock, as can our handy benchtop dispensers

  1. Sale econoKRAFT Recycled Kraft Paper Rolls

    econoKRAFT Recycled Kraft Paper Rolls

    8 Sizes In Stock
  2. Pure Brown Kraft Paper Rolls

    Pure Brown Kraft Paper Rolls

    9 Sizes In Stock
  3. Pure Brown Kraft Paper Sheets

    Pure Brown Kraft Paper Sheets

    4 Choices In Stock
  4. Recycled Brown Paper Sheets

    Recycled Brown Paper Sheets

    1 Size In Stock
  5. Brown Waxed Kraft Paper Rolls

    Brown Waxed Kraft Paper Rolls

    2 Choices In Stock
  6. Kraft Union Paper Rolls

    Kraft Union Paper Rolls

    5 Choices In Stock
  7. Kraft Paper Dispensers

    Kraft Paper Dispensers

    11 Sizes In Stock
  8. Brown Kraft Crepe Paper

    Brown Kraft Crepe Paper

    Flexible Protection
  9. Corrugated Paper Rolls

    Corrugated Paper Rolls

    10 Sizes In Stock
  10. Filla Packing Paper

    Filla Packing Paper

    Great Value
  11. Cardboard Layer Pads

    Cardboard Layer Pads

    30+ Sizes Available
  12. Corrugated Cardboard Sheets

    Corrugated Cardboard Sheets

    18 Sizes In Stock

Kraft paper is a practical, strong and extremely presentable packaging and gift-wrapping solution. Our impressive range is headed by the always popular kraft paper sheets and kraft paper rolls, particularly the type traditionally used as brown wrapping paper. All are fully recyclable, degradable and reusable, but we are also able to supply a selection of recycled brown paper rolls. If a brown paper roll isn't bright enough for you, then how about our patterned, printed and coloured kraft paper rolls (with paper carrier bags to match in some cases!), that are just as strong and still have that traditional parcel paper feel. Other versions of this flexible packaging product that we hold in stock include waterproof kraft union paper, waxed kraft paper (ideal for wrapping greasy or oily engineering parts) and corrugated paper rolls. Finally, a versatile kraft paper roll dispenser, or deluxe counter roll holder complete with handy cutting blade, can be placed where you need it to allow for quick, safe and tidy wrapping.