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Kanban Shelving For Storage Bins

Kanban shelving bay for heavy duty storage bins


A rivet racking bay, with Kanban shelving, designed to hold 60 of our heavy duty plastic parts bins. Kanban, devised by Toyota, is a concept in Lean management which seeks to provide a clear visual prompt that parts or materials in a factory or warehouse need removal or replenishment. By removing the front bin when it is empty (or full, depending on your process!), the bin behind slides forward into its place, creating a gap and indicating a need for a new bin at the back. Such a system can speed up operations by minimising the risk of running out of essential components in a production or supply chain.


15mm raw chipboard shelves may temporarily be replaced by 15mm white faced melamine. For more information, contact us.

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  • For faster and more efficient operations
  • Minimises risk of running out of essential components
  • Rivet bays are very strong but easy to construct
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1830 x 915 x 610
60 Plastic Bins
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The sloping shelves also allow for quicker access into the parts bins - often called tilt bins when stored in this fashion - meaning that even greater efficiences can be achieved. Please note that you will be supplied with 60 blue storage bins as illustrated. If you would like different colours (red and yellow bins are also available), please give our Sales team a call on 01332 821200.

Also in the Kanban range: Kanban Shelving for Shelf Trays.


  • Kanban storage allows faster and more efficient operations
  • Rivet bays are very strong but easy to construct
  • Complete with 60 plastic parts bins and labels
  • Small parts storage solution for lean production
  • Delivery with 5 working days

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