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Safety Signs & Posters

Current health and safety posters & signs for the workplace

Every employer is legally required under the Health and Safety Information for Employees Regulations (HSIER) to either display the approved health and safety poster in a prominent position or provide each member of staff with a copy of the approved leaflet. The poster is designed to help all workers easily understand what is expected of both the company and its staff with regard to health and safety at work.


  1. Health & Safety Law Poster

    Health & Safety Law Poster

    2 Sizes Available
  2. Sanitisation Station Signs

    Sanitisation Station Signs

    9 Choices Available
  3. Fire Exit Signs

    Fire Exit Signs

    10 Choices Available
  4. Prohibition Signs

    Prohibition Signs

    8 Choices Available
  5. PPE Safety Signs

    PPE Safety Signs

    10 Choices Available
  6. Warning Signs

    Warning Signs

    10 Choices Available
  7. Social Distancing Signs

    Social Distancing Signs

    3 Choices Available
  8. COVID Safety Signs

    COVID Safety Signs

    23 Choices Available
  9. First Aid Signs

    First Aid Signs

    2 Choices Available

The current version of the health and safety poster was published in April 2009 with a five-year period of grace on the old poster. As of 6 April 2014, every employer must display the current version. The change was made because research suggested that the old version, which was in black and white and without any images, was visually unappealing and as a result was rarely read.